Cucumber - $3.00/Pack

Chicago Pickling


Introduced in 1888, great pickling cucumber with heavy yielding plants.  Short vines produce black spined, blocky, cylindrical, medium green fruits 6-7" long by about 2 1\2" across.  Good for all kinds of pickles from gherkins on up.

Early Russian


Early pickling cucumber introduced in 1854.  Compact vines produce well.

Miniature White


Small white skinned cucumber.  Great for fresh eating, skin does not have to be peeled.  Very productive with short vines.

Morden Early


Early pickling cucumber introduced by the Morden Research station at Morden Manitoba in 1956.  Short vines are very productive. Cucumbers make great pickles but are also good sliced or eaten fresh.

‚ÄčTante Alice


Old Quebec heirloom, very good tasting and easy to digest, slicing cucumber can also be used for pickles.  Can grown up to 2' and 3" in diameter.  English type cucumber.