Squash - $3.00/Pack

Black Futsu


(C. Moschata) Small flavourful squash has dense orange flesh. These little squash were popular in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1867) and are making something of a comeback today. Dark green, deeply ridged fruit turn a deep burnt orange colour in storage. Perfect size for two people for dinner. Long keeper in storage and high yielding.

Black Zucchini


(C. Pepo) Dark green, almost black, skinned zucchini.  Mild tasting fruit are at their best when small, up to 15 cm long. If they get away on you, use the larger fruit for stuffing and baking or grate and freeze it for winter baking.  High levels of vitamins A and C as well as folate, potassium, manganese and fibre.

Blue Kuri


(C. Maxima) Flattened round shape, blue-grey squash with sweet orange flesh. Japanese Kabocha type grows to about 3 lbs. with very good winter storage.  Great for soups, stews or pies.

Flat White Boer


(C. Maxima) Flat white winter squash with small seed cavity and thick sweet orange flesh.   Can weigh up to 15 lbs or more.  Stores well and great for fall decorating, pies, or roasting.  From South Africa and named for the Dutch Boers.  Vigerous vines produce well.

Gilla Cliff Dweller


(C. Mixta) Large, white skinned with greenish cast streaks and pale yellow flesh. Rare heirloom from southern New Mexico.  Pear shaped squash can reach 30 lbs.  Best to give these as much of a head start as possible. Productive plants with sprawling vines.

Golden Nugget


(C. Maxima) Also known as Oriental pumpkin. This winter squash has many small oval orange fruit growing on a bush type plant.  It was developed in 1966 by Dr. Holland at the North Dakota Agricultural Station as a substitute for sweet potatoes in short season growing areas.

Golden Zucchini


 (C. Pepo) Summer squash with bright yellow skin is best enjoyed when under 8 inches.  Prolific production on bush plants.  Introduce in 1973 by W. Atlee Burpee.  Can be grown in large containers.​ 

Guatemalan Blue Banana


(Maxima) Blue grey striped banana shaped squash produced on productive plants. Thick orange flesh is very good for soup, pies, roasting or anything else.  Up to 20" long and can weigh between 5 and 10 lbs.

Jumbo Pink Banana


(C. Maxima) Very good sweet orange flesh makes excellent pies, soup or roasted squash.  The pinkish, banana shape squash can weigh between 10 - 40 lbs.  This heirloom variety is over 100 years old.  Productive rambling plants need lots of room.

Longue De Nice


(C. Moschata) French Heirloom. This very long necked squash with a butternut shape can get large, up to 1 m in length.

Naked Seed Pumpkin


(C. Pepo) Dark green seeds are hulless.  The pumpkins can grow up to 12 lbs. and are yellow and green coloured.

Red Kuri


(C. Maxima) 92 days. Orange-red, squash have smooth, dry flesh. Plants produce 2-3 kg. fruit that ripen even in short season gardens.  Also known as Baby Red Hubbard or Orange Hokkaido. Very high in beta-carotene.



(C. Moschata) Vigorous vines, very productive, various shapes and sizes range from bell-shaped to round and some butternut shaped, squash are coloured buff tan outside, orange inside.  Weights vary from 3 lbs to 12 lbs. Very nice flavour.

Sibley (Pike's Peak)


 (C. Maxima) Great storage squash introduced commercially by Hiram Sibley & Co of New York in 1887.  It is a grayish-blue, teardrop shaped, banana type squash with sweet orange flesh.  Flesh becomes dryer and richer with storage.  Weighs 10 lbs and up.  The plant has vigorous vines that when ready suddenly have squash all over.​​ 

Sweet Dumpling


(C. Pepo) Cream colored squash that has dark green stripes that fade to orange in storage.  Grows 4-5" in diameter with flesh that turns golden and very sweet. Great for baking, soup or stuffing. Extremely productive.

Tennessee Sweet Potato


(C. Mixta) An old American Heirloom, pear shaped squash, cream coloured and can have faint green stripes. May grow to be 10 - 20 lbs. Cream coloured flesh.  Large vines yield well.  Good keepers.

Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato


(C. Pepo) This squash is a family heirloom from Thelma Sanders in Missouri. The acorn-shaped are deeply-ridged, with cream-coloured skin that ripens to light gold. The plant is very productive and are also excellent keepers. A great short season winter squash!​



(C. Moschata) Oval green coloured 4 - 10 lb squash with thin skin.  Very sweet and dry flesh. Russian commercial variety.