Sweet Potato Slips

Planting and care tips:


  • Sweet potato plants do not tolerate cold or shade well. Plant in full sun, in warm ground.
  • Raised garden beds are best used to help maintain warm ground.
  • The ground should be covered with clear plastic to hold the heat in. Cut a slit into the plastic to plant each cutting. Make a shallow depression in soil to allow water to run into the plant.
  • Hold the edges of the plastic down with soil or sand.
  • Cuttings may be kept in water until well rooted, or may be planted directly into moist soil after they have been hardened off.
  • Cuttings may be potted up and transplanted as they grow the same as tomatoes.
  • Do not allow the plants to become root bound as it will deform the sweet potatoes.
  • Individual plants may be grown in larger black containers (5 gallon or more). These do better if pot is set halfway into the ground. This is easier way to grow if only a few plants, may be dumped out after first frost instead of digging them up.

Harvesting and Storing:

  • If soil gets down to 10 degrees C or first frost, whichever occurs first, unless covered, sweet potatoes should be dug. (10 degrees Celsius and below will cold damage sweet potatoes).
  • Sweet potatoes bruise easily and must be handled gently.
  • Sweet potatoes need to be cured for storage by keeping them in a warm humid place, at least 27 degrees C for a week or two until the skin toughens up and any damaged spots dry.
  • Store sweet potatoes at minimum of 15 degrees C. Will keep in a cupboard at room temperature well. 


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50+ Slips - $1.00 each

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