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Amana Orange

Indeterminate. Large orange coloured beefsteak grown by Gary Staley who at that time worked for the Amana Company.  Large plants that need to be staked.

Anmore Dewdrop

Determinate. Canadian bred red cherry tomato. May be grown in pots or hanging baskets.

Anmore Treasures

Determinate. Canadian bred pink cherry tomato. May be grown in pots or hanging baskets.


Indeterminate. This Russian heirloom produces abundant crops of 12-16 ounce oblate golden yellow fruits that have a sweet and fruity flavour.

Banana Leggs

Determinate - Large plants with wispy foliage that yield well. Yellow sausage shapped tomato with a pointed end. 3 to 4" long tomatoes have a meaty flesh with few seeds.

Bear Claw

Indeterminate. Pink large meaty beefsteak, very tasty. Up to 24 oz. in size.


Determinate. Early variety of  red paste tomato with smooth skin and block shaped. Canadian bred.

Black Cherry

Indeterminate.  These plants produce a good quantity of purple/black cherry tomatoes that have rich flavour that black tomatoes are noted for.

Black Plum

Indeterminate. Plum shaped mahogany brown, green shouldered. Good for sauces or fresh eating.

Black Sea Man

Determinate.  Medium to large meaty black beefsteak tomato from Russia.  The plants get fairly large for a determinate.  These have a good tomato taste.


Indeterminate. Large plants are very productive yellow cherry tomato until frost kills the plant.  East German variety has a great sweet taste. Produces large clusters of 20-30 tomatoes.

Bonny Best

Determinate. A well known red canning tomato with good flavour. Introduced in 1908. Medium sized round fruit makes a good slicing as well.

Boxcar Willie

Indeterminate - Smooth, slightly flattened red fruit. Good slicer or canning tomato.

Brown Berry

Indeterminate.  Mahogany brown cherry sized tomato with good flavour.


Semi-determinate. Canadian Bred red globe shaped slicing with good yield and flavourful.

Canabec Super

Determinate. Canadian bred pinkish-red, globe shaped medium slicer, developed in Quebec.


Indeterminate.  Large purple/brown coloured beefsteak with good flavour.  These plants are good producers.

Chadwick Cherry

Indeterminate.  Red cherry, sweet flavour, juicy and good for salads or just eating in the garden.  Plants can get large and yield well.

Cherokee Purple

Indeterminate. Purple beefsteak with great taste.  Large vines are good producers.


Semi-determinate. Canadian bred globe shaped slicer sets in cool night conditions.

Constoluto Genovese

Indeterminate - Heirloom Italian red variety. When sliced it is decorative due to the deep fluting.It's flavour is well know for the great sauces that can be made, also good for canning or juice.

Crnkovic Yugoslavian

Indeterminate - Pink beefsteak averaging 1 lb in size that are quite productive. Good tasting tomato that is an heirloom from Yugoslavia. Seems to be a crack resistant variety. 1 Slice will more than cover a piece of bread.


Indeterminate Large plants produce large red, small cavity tomatoes around 1 lb with some as large as 2 lbs or more. Great slicer with great flavour as the name indicates.  A delicious tomato at 7.75 lbs held title of largest tomato in Guinness World Records for over 28 years.

Eva Purple Ball

Indeterminate.  Pink medium size blemish-free round tomato with good flavour.

Giant Syrian

Indeterminate. Red, large, meaty beefsteak tomato with few seeds.  Great sandwich tomato with good flavour.  Also good for sauces.

Gold Ball

Indeterminate. Very productive yellow round 2-3 oz. Introduced in 1892. Thick flesh and great salad or cooking tomato. Fruit grows in clusters.

Green Zebra

Indeterminate. Green striped on green flesh, 3 oz size good yields. Good salad tomato developed by Tom Wagner of Washington State.

Grosse Lisse

Indeterminate.  Good producer of medium to large round red fruit.  Heirloom variety with good flavour and few blemishes.  Very popular in Australia with home gardeners.  It appears to have been introduced to other countries with different names.

Hahms Gelbe Topftomate

Determinate.  High yielding yellow cherry tomato. Good sturdy tomato for growing in containers.

Hawke's Bay yellow

Indeterminate.  Heirloom yellow beefsteak tomato from Hawke's Bay New Zealand. Large flat fruit grow in bunches on large plants.  Fabulous flavour and meaty for sandwiches.


Indeterminate.West Virginia Heirloom, bi-coloured yellow with red marbling beefsteak tomato. Rich sweet flavour.

Indigo Rose

Indeterminate.  Purple/black, very productive, high in anthocyanin similar to blueberries. Possibly the darkest tomato grown. Salad sized.

Italian Heirloom

Indeterminate. Heirloom tomato plants yield loads of 12-16 oz., beautiful, red, meaty, slightly pear-shaped, tomatoes that enjoy an abundance of rich, complex, sweet flavors that are well-balanced with good acidity.  

Japanese Black Trifele 

Indeterminate.  Pear shaped slicing or sauce tomato that is mahogany colour with green shoulders. Potato leaved plant produce great tasting tomatoes abundently.

Jaunne Flamme

Indeterminate.  French Heirloom with dark orange salad sized tomato with unique fruity flavour. Apricot shaped tomatoes grown in clusters are good for fresh eating, drying or sauces.

Kellogg's Breakfast

Indeterminate. Flattened orange beefsteak that gets large (1 - 2 lb) so plants will need good support.  Flavourful, juicy and sweet, great for fresh eating.  Heirloom from West Virginia.


Determinate. Round, red tomato about 2" in diameter on small plants.  Considered one of the earliest tomatoes with good flavour.  Developed by University of Idaho.


Determinate.  Early , red, round, large slicing tomato with nice flavour.  Developed at Oregon state University.  Good cool weather setting tomato.


Determinate.  Red good sized tomatoes on compact plants, very flavourful. Canadian bred from Manitoba.


Semi-determinate. French Heirloom that is a red slicing tomato.  There is some variability in shape but mostly flattened beefsteak.  Great tasting, may be used for slicing, cooking, salads and more.


Determinate. Dwarf bush plant good for container growing and hanging baskets. Sweet red cherry tomato with great taste.

Matt's Wild Cherry

(lycopersion esculentum) Indeterminate.  Very sweet and prolific currant sized cherry grown on large plants.​

Mayan Indian

Determinate.  Red plum shaped, meaty tomato.  These compact plants are good yielding.


Determinate. Canadian bred, red flattened beefsteak type with good yield.

Micro Tom

Determinate. Very compact, sturdy plant grows to about 6". Red cherry, very productive for size good for container growing.


Very compact mini-dwarf plant,  12″ high,  regular leaf foliage, small bright red cherry fruit, quite productive for such a small plant, ideal for growing under lights in winter. 

Morden Yellow

Determinate. Developed at Morden Research Station in Alberta in 1932.  Good yields of early mid-sized slightly flattened fruit.

Mortgage Lifter

Large, smooth, 1-lb. pink fruit have a delicious, rich, sweet taste.  Old heirloom developed by M.C. Byles of Logan, West Virginia.

Mr. Stripey

Indeterminate. Red and yellow bi-colour large sweet beefsteak type. Good tasting!


Determinate. Early red canning and sauce tomato.  Good yielding and tasty.

Oregon Spring 

Determinate.  Early, good size red slicing tomato. First fruits are usually seedless.

OSU Blue

Indeterminate.  Purple slicing tomato, with purple blue shoulders and red bottom when ripe.


Indeterminate.  Red large meaty and sweet. Very few seeds. Good for slicing, and sauces.

Paul Robeson 

Indeterminate.  Brown/Black beefsteak with great flavour. Russian Heirloom named after opera singer and equal rights advocate.

Pearly Pink Orange

Determinate.  Iridescent coloured Cherry Tomato. Maybe container grown. 

Pink Ponderosa

Indeterminate Meaty, pink, beefsteak that can weigh up to 2 lbs.  Introduced in 1891 by Peter Henderson & Co. Popular then and still well liked by home gardeners.

Polar Baby

Determinate.  Early red salad tomato developed in Alaska. Small plants are loaded with nice 2" tomatoes.

Principe Borghese

Determinate.  Plum shaped Italian cherry tomato, used for making dried tomatoes.  Spreading plant produces good crop of tomatoes.

Purple Ukrainian 

Indeterminate.  Plum coloured, paste tomato, very productive. Great flavour, sweet and meaty tomato.  3-4" long and about 6 oz. Can be used for salads, sauces, salsa, fresh eating or canning.

Red House Free Standing

 Determinate. Great variety for growing in large pots as they don't require staking.  Good producer of large red round slicing tomatoes that seldom crack.  Dense leaf cover hides the tomatoes making it a good choice for a hot summer. 

Red Pear


Indeterminate. Red pear shaped cherry tomato that is a very old Heirloom.

Rideau Sweet

Indeterminate.  Very good tasting red cherry tomato that is very productive. Ken Allan from Kingston selected this from Sweet One Hundred (a hybrid).


Old German heirloom from the mid-1800's. The sweet red 1-oz fruit grow in large clusters produce huge yields. The name means "Giant Bunch of Grapes" in German. Many enjoy the rich, full tomato flavor. 

Rio Grande

Determinate.  Large meaty, pear-shaped tomato, deep red in colour.  Great for making tomato paste, sauce and juice.  Should be well supported with cage or stakes.


Determinate.  Canadian bred pink 6-8 oz, high yield.  Blemish free flattened globe shaped fruit.

Ruby Treasure

 Determinate - Red oblate medium sized slicing tomato that is a long keeper for winter use, some may ripen on the vine. Developed by Tim Peters. 


Determinate. Large plants produce well with a mild tasting red fruit.

Russian Black


Determinate.  "Black" fairly early mid-sized to large, slicer with good flavour.

San Marzano

Indeterminate.  Red plum, very good sauce tomato. Needs lots of heat for best flavour. Good yield.

Sasha's Altai

Determinate.  Red good early small to medium sized oblate tomato.


Determinate.  These Canadian bred small plants produce early red round 2 - 2 1/2"slicer, good yield.

Shchelkovskiy Ranniy

 Determinate.  Early Russian variety of red salad to small slicing. Compact plants are good producer of round flattened globe shaped tomatoes. 


Indeterminate.  Red egg shaped large cherry or salad tomato.  Early heavy yielding on large plants.  Keeps producing very well until frost kills plants.

Sicilian Saucer

Indeterminate. Large, red, flattened, ribbed heirloom from Sicily.  These meaty, beefsteak are as the name says can be used to make great sauces, but also make a good tomato sandwich often needing only 1 slice.


Determinate.  Large early producing red slicing type tomato.


Determinate - Red midsized slicer or canning tomato. Was developed in Manitoba at the Morden Experimental Farm and released in 1963.


Indeterminate.   Czechoslovakian potato leafed variety. Produces early red fruit good for salads, and good yield.

Subarctic Maxi 

 Determinate. Canadian bred, developed in Alberta. Red fruit is good for salad or small slicer. 

Sweet Orange Cherry

Indeterminate.  Orange coloured. Good producer of 1" sweet flavoured cherry tomato.

Tasmanian Chocolate

Indeterminate. Big plants produce large brown flattened beefsteak fruit with good flavour.


Determinate.  Great blemish free, yellow fruit, is an early prolific producer.  Does well with cool conditions. Very dependable, good sized sweet round slicer. 


Indeterminate.  Greek variety that reliably produces high yields of uniform medium to large red round fruit.  Resistant to sunburn and cracks and keeps well making it good for home or market use.  Introduced in the USA in the 1950's.  It has great flavour and marketability making this a favourite.

Tiny Tim

Produce dwarf plants that work well in small containers, window boxes, hanging baskets and small garden spaces.  As a potted plant, Tiny Tim tomatoes may be grown at any time of year.

Vineland Bright

 Determinate - Red mid sized slicing tomato released by the Horticultural Experimental Farm at Simcoe, Ontario. 


A large pink beefsteak. Dense, meaty and make great sandwiches.  A Nova Scotian heirloom, having been grown for generations by the Wentzell family.

Winter Keeper

Indeterminate.  Ripens to an orange/red outside with a red interior.  When picked just as beginning to ripen and before first frost, these keeper tomatoes will continue to ripen for 2-4 months. Keep only unblemished tomatoes in a cool, dark spot. To ripen, move to room temperature.

Yellow Pear

Indeterminate.  Old Heirloom with yellow pear shaped cherry tomatoes.  Great tasting and very productive.